Life Song is an album to be savored….. by Andrea Guy

Life Song is an album to be savored. The songs can be appreciated by fans of jazz, electronic music and world music, but you don’t have to be a fan of these types of music to love this album.  If you are looking for something different,Life Song is really a feast for the ears.  Eric Van Aro has a voice that you will quickly fall in love with; it is smooth and mellow and full of romance. Fall in love with Eric’s voice and fall in love with Life Song at the same time.

Artist: The EGH Project

Album: Life Song

Reviewer: Andrea Guy

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars







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Coming Soon!!! The EGH Project – Life Song REMIXED !!! Massive remixes by: Federico Luyo, MAD BOSS, Caporale Massimiliano, Shamrock Guitor, Mpendulo ‘Mpeshnyk’ Calaza, DJ-Sibz Van GrooveKollecters, Marco Finotello

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Traxsource Lounge/Chill Out Hitparade October 22nd 2014 – EGH PROJECT – #3 Sing Together feat. Maggie Smile – #8 E2E feat. Luca Verde – #11 Jazz

Traxsource CHill top 22 octbo


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Dropped 2day….. and starts out at #8 on traxsource lounge/chillout top 10

The EGH Project – Sing Together (ft Maggie Smile)[Forever Ride]

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LIFE SONG the first album by THE EGH PROJECT on our new label FOREVER RIDE…. coming fall 2014

Enter the EGH Project: a collaboration between producer/ composer and DJ Marco Finotello, singer/producer Eric Van Aro and italian percussionist and vocalist Sebastiano Mambretti. Each element of the group has enjoyed international success over the years also being featured on several House and Chill compilations – but it’s when combining their respective talent and fusing their own musical influences that they truly shine and create something unique. “Life Song” by The EGH Project is the first release on “Forever Ride”, the new label of the ERAKI Entertainment Group, scheduled for fall of 2014. If you love soulful vocals, organic beats and a chilled poolside vibe, look no further!

Life Song Front CoverLabel: Forever Ride

Catalogue #: 8001

Distribution: Dig Dis!

(c)(p) 2014 Forever Ride

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The EGH project: SOOOOO FUNNY….. click on the link below and enjoy!

WOW…. although we have not made it to the Swiss finale for the Eurovision song contest….. Blick (as already mentioned, Switzerlands most read newspaper) was kind enough to write about us and the song we submitted. Particularly interesting is the fact that they changed the song title to “Mödling – Austria” instead of “E2E”…. as well as reprinting a false statement! Sooooo cool!!!.

Vote for THE EGH PROJECT “E2E” our submission to the Eurovision Song Contest for Switzerland

after you registered at SF or with fb you can vote here:

Eurovision Song Contest



Marco, Eric and Sebastiano

How nice of the BLICK (Switzerland’s most read newspaper) to feature us in an article. Unfortunately, Caterina Valente was once again misquoted. The quote should have read:” I am a great fan of Eric Clapton, and the song E2E by the EGH project is the most played song on my iPod” Now this statement was accompanied by a press release which clearly described the fact that E2E stands for “Eric to Eric” and that the song is a tribute to the great Eric Clapton. In the article she is quoted as saying: Eric sounds like Eric Clapton. Fabulous! Whatever…. hope you all enjoy the song…. and if you haven’t yet check it out on our page or on Swiss TV portal. Have a great day! EGH