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Marco, Eric and Sebastiano

“I’m not anyone” Eric van Aro feat. Fabio Gianni (digital release date 14th September 2012)

Eric van Aro makes the music world sit up and take notice. The singer, who has released several successful albums in the past, is paying tribute to the superb entertainer Sammy Davis Jr

Growing up in show business, Eric van Aro had the opportunity to closely observe and know many major artists and one particular singer and performer cast a spell on young Eric — Sammy Davis Jr.

“I’m not anyone” is Eric van Aro’s very special tribute to this unique artist. Accompanied on the piano by the outstanding Fabio Gianni, this particular interpretation turns this Paul Anka penned song into something very special and personal. This is no mere imitation of the original. It is precisely the personal touches in this arrangement that make it what it is: a touching tribute to a great entertainer.

“I’m Not Anyone” is released as a digital track on 14 September 2012. It will once again prove to the world that Eric van Aro is more than at home in the Jazz domain and will confirm that, as everybody who has followed Eric’s career already knows: “He is not anyone!”


Caterina Valente bleibt ihren Grundsätzen immer treu, und so war sie auch hier nicht für ein Interview zu überreden. Sie hat es sich aber nicht nehmen lassen, Sohn Eric van Aro bei den Dreharbeiten der ARD Serie “Legenden” einen Besuch abzustatten. Zu sehen ist das Portrait über Caterina Valente am 18.04.2012 um 22.45 Uhr in der ARD