LIVE 1968 (CD & DVD)

Few, even among the celestial ones showcased in Vegas, reveal such proficiency along with special magic! 

A bundle of high velocity talent neatly wrapped and electrically charged! It would be well for some of today’s aspiring distaff performers to catch a master at work!

From 1957 to 1982 Caterina Valente has entertained audiences around the globe in what can be considered a 25 years non-stop world tour! In fact an average of 7 months out of each year were dedicated to concerts and night club appearances world wide. The remaining months were reserved for recording sessions, TV-appearances, movies and a month of vacation with her sons.

Lets take 1968 as an example: First the concert for the Heidelberg Special was recorded and filmed. Then Caterina took this same act to Argentina, Brasil, France, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Peru, Poland, South Africa and the US for a spring as well as a fall tour! In between she recorded 2 LPs, 4 Singles and appeared in more than a dozen TV-shows in 4 continents!

The Heidelberg TV-special premiered on CBS to rave reviews in March 1969 . Produced by Erik van Aro Sr. and directed by Michael Pfleghar, Caterina Valente showed her stuff, and she has a lot to show. The opening number “What a night this is going to be” is a rouser. A singer who can swing and scat like a jazz pro, Caterina keeps things on the upbeat most of the way. Her very talented Brother Silvio Francesco plays a key role in her act, first coming on as her clarinet soloist in “Air Mail Special” and then matching her singing, dancing, guitar and tambourine playing in a bossa nova classic. Since the show was form Heidelberg, she went to the streets with legendary Hollywood choreographer Nick Castle as the two of them danced through the city a la “An American in Paris”. Caterina is a performer who knows her music, as she displayed flawless movement in time with the orchestrations, animating herself with expressive, perfectly timed hand movements. Her voice is clear and vibrant and a perfect delight to hear. The audience remembered her “Malaguena” and “The breeze and I” which sound even better now than when she first did them and they were at the top of the charts. Caterina Valente Live 68 contains one DVD with the restored verison of the “Heidelberg Special” and one CD with the unedited integral concert recording which was used for the special, including previously unreleased material like “The girl from Ipanema”, “So, what’s new”, “The party is over” and the unedited complete Beatles-medley, that were not shown in the special!

In 1983 Caterina decided to cut down on the extensive travelling in order to spend more time at home with her family, and henceforth limited her apperances to the European continent.

On January the 14th 2006 Caterina will be celebrating her 75th birthday and to the dismay of major European TV-stations and the print media, she has expressed the whish to keep this occasion absolutely private!

But with the publication of the “Caterina Valente Live 1968” CD&DVD fans and friends all over the world will once again be spellbound by the magic of this great entertainer!

It has been said by critics and audiences alike, that Caterina on stage is the best Valente you can get!

Caterina Valente Live 1968” is Caterina Valente at her best!