Eric van Aro makes the music world sit up and take notice. The singer, who has released several successful albums in the past, is paying tribute to the superb entertainer Sammy Davis Jr.
Growing up in show business, Eric van Aro had the opportunity to closely observe and know many major artists and one particular singer and performer cast a spell on young Eric — Sammy Davis Jr.

“I’m not anyone” is Eric van Aro’s very special tribute to this unique artist. Accompanied on the piano by the outstanding Fabio Gianni, this particular interpretation turns this Paul Anka penned song into something very special and personal. This is no mere imitation of the original. It is precisely the personal touches in this arrangement that make it what it is: a touching tribute to a great entertainer.

“I’m Not Anyone” is released as a digital track on 14 September 2012. It will once again prove to the world that Eric van Aro is more than at home in the Jazz domain and will confirm that, as everybody who has followed Eric’s career already knows: “He is not anyone!”



When Eric van Aro read a European tabloid report that his mother, famed Italian singer Caterina Valente, had been hospitalized following a nervous breakdown — a patently false story — he knew he had to set the record straight. So van Aro (,, an acclaimed singer and producer in his own right, did what he does best: he went into the recording studio. The result is the new deep house track EVIL GAMES (The Tabloid Song), a searing indictment of today’s “report first, ask questions later” style of tabloid journalism.
“Tabloids have always made up stories about my family. But the reports about my mother being hospitalized were particularly damaging because they had begun to be picked up by more mainstream news outlets,” van Aro explained. “Although they were completely untrue, these stories came out just as my mother was grieving the loss of her brother, my Uncle Pietro, and our family friend Peter Alexander. It was hurtful and unnecessary.”
EVIL GAMES is a cooperative effort between van Aro and Marco Finotello, one of Italy’s foremost house music composers and producers. Though van Aro’s lyrics are at times wry — “No news ain’t good news/So the papers say/Truth don’t matter/Lies are better/A malicious game” — his message is crystal-clear: those who distort truth for the sake of selling tabloids are playing a dangerous game with other people’s lives.
An energetic dance track set to an intoxicating house beat, EVIL GAMES marks van Aro’s 4th release on the deep house music scene. Though van Aro has a strong jazz background, his albums have spanned everything from country western to world beat. EVIL GAMES, however, may be his most personal work to date.
“Marco Finotello and I worked hard to make an irresistible deep house track with a message to a particular segment of the media,” said van Aro. “I hope EVIL GAMES helps raise awareness of the damage done when lies are passed off as news.”
EVIL GAMES (The Tabloid Song) is available internationally in The Original Mix, The Radio Edit, and The Deep Mix from iTunes, Amazon, and other digital music retailers. Watch the music video at Learn more at and