A demonic game — but those expecting something satanic from this song will be disappointed, even if the devil did have a hand in it.


That is exactly what this is all about — the confusing headlines and tales told by the darker sides of the media, who like to loudly spread often invented, sensationalized stories that do not reflect the truth.

Got that?

Only bad news is good news” is one of the most common principles applied in the world of news. And bad news that has just been invented is then dished up as questions, giving evil flight to new rumors.

Don’t you think that’s strange?

For Eric van Aro & Marco Finotello, this is all good reason to provide a humorous musical critique, accompanied by an intoxicating house beat, of the devilish games played by this segment of the press in their track “Evil Games”, which has been met with great enthusiasm and high praise by the international house music scene.


As of September 23, three different mixes of EVIL GAMES will be available internationally from digital download stores such as iTunes, Amazon and others. Have a listen for yourself……EVIL GAMES (the tabloid song)