EVIL GAMES (the tabloid song) Review by Micheal Morgan

“Evil Games (Original Mix)” starts off with a low bass mid tempo synth beat, a perfect tempo for workout music . The singer’s voice is a low-baritone as if Frank Zappa and Barry EVIL GAMES (the tabloid song)White got together for a coffee conversation, and then decided to call it a DJ-set.  The vague lyrics of the song have political overtones and are reflective of the economic and political uncertainty of the times: “No news aint good news so the papers say.”  The vocal tone and quality when the lyrics “Evil games. Stop em playin’…” are sung, sounds strikingly similar to pop singer Seal’s breath-taking, soaring voice. The end of the song tails off into the wind with some fussy-sounding muted guitar fills and a drunken frenetic beat.  The contemporary and soothing sounds would be a good fit for a movie drama scene or even a television commercial.